Resources for child custody cases in Michigan

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Divorce can be devastating, but what about the prospect of losing precious time and experiences with your child? We often assist those who are going through a divorce, and always encourage them to take advantage of the available resources in Michigan. Oakland County divorce courts are more than accommodating for those facing a child custody case. is a great place to gather information about the bureau called the Friend of the Court. FOC serves as a liaison between the family and the court system. It monitors the best interests of all parties involved, especially those of the children.

The FOC equips you to answer tough questions, such as “How do I keep my child out of the middle?” or, “What should I tell my child about the divorce?” This agency provides you with a wealth of practical information on how to encourage your children during the process, and reassure them that divorce is not their fault. The FOC also provides instructions on how to keep your child communicative throughout the process.

The FOC also sponsors meetings called Start Making It Livable for Everyone. SMILE is a two-hour course designed to help parents understand the impact of their separation, and what effects it might have on the children. Also, it encourages parents to compromise and embrace a sense of community throughout the process, even through post-divorce, to make it easier on the children. The assigned judge will require that parents complete at least one SMILE course, but those eager to utilize the resource can attend as often as they like.

For more information on the matter, our website offers details on how most child custody cases reach a settlement before they ever go to trial.