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Current health situation could be causing uptick in divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Divorce |

Marital problems can stem from many factors. Couples in Michigan and across the nation who are experiencing challenges in their relationship might determine that there is no workable path forward and prepare for a divorce. In emotional circumstances, people rarely want to discuss statistical trends – especially with a decision so life-changing as a divorce. However, when there is acrimony in a marriage, it might be beneficial to understand that others are facing the same concerns. When weighing whether to pursue a divorce, having professional guidance could be helpful.

Statistics show divorce rates rose consistently in 2020

A recent assessment by the National Law Review indicates that there has been a steady rise in divorce rates in 2020. It is believed to be due to several factors related to the ongoing health crisis. In general, divorce rates tend to spike at the start of the year and gradually reduce with consistent ups and downs throughout the year. With the health crisis forcing people to stay home together for extended periods, tensions have risen and relationships frayed to the point of no return.

By April of 2020, divorce rose by 34%. People who work in the industry have stated anecdotally that they noticed changes in family law cases. For example, January and April are typically months in which divorces increase. People have child custody disagreements right before school starts as the summer break winds down and during the holidays. That changed with the pandemic. Some marriages were already in trouble before the couple was forced to spend more time together. Others noticed previously unacknowledged gaps in the relationship and they grew progressively worse with the passage of time. The National Law Review said that newlyweds who had been married for up to five months comprised 20% of the divorces in the first four months of 2020. In 2019, that was 11%.

Legal help can be essential in a divorce

With divorce, every case is unique. Some couples simply cannot get along anymore and there is no specific reason for it. In other instances, there is infidelity, abuse, addiction or other catalysts for the breakdown of the marriage. When thinking about ending a marriage, a fundamentally sound step is to have legal advice. This can provide advice and protection with property division, alimony, child custody, parenting time and other aspects of the case. For caring and professional advice, having legal assistance from the start is a wise choice and calling for a consultation is key.