When can child custody orders be modified?

| Mar 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

Child custody can be a messy issue that Michigan families must work out when the parents divorce. In Michigan and jurisdictions throughout the country, courts look to protect the best interests of the kids when they may determinations about how and with whom they will be raised. A lot of planning and consideration goes into the final plan that constitutes the child custody arrangement for the parents and kids.

However, over time, a child custody order may cease to serve the best interests of the kids it covers. Parents may want to alter its contents to accommodate the new circumstances that have come into their lives and those of their children. This post will explore situations in which child custody orders and agreements may be modified. This post is information, however, and no part of it should be read as advice for individual readers.

Circumstances that may warrant a change to a custody order or agreement

Changes to child custody plans often happen when parents and children experience changes in their own lives. For example, a parent who has physical custody of their child may be asked to move out of state for their job. In such a situation, the parent may not be able to meet the expectations of their governing custodial plan and may need it to be modified.

Similarly, a child’s needs may change and necessitate an update to their custodial documents. A change in health or in educational needs may mean than a child’s interests would be better served with more time with one parent than the other. At the core of modifications are changes, and those changes can impact parents’ abilities to care for their kids and children’s specific needs and interests.

How to get a modification to a child custody order

There may be an inclination on the part of parents to informally agree to changes in their custody plans. While this may provide a fast solution to a problem, it does not change the reality of their circumstances. Their custodial order or agreement carries with it enforcement provisions that can still be utilized despite their information agreement to make modifications.

When a parent is ready to modify a custody order, they can reach out to their trusted family law attorney. Modifications can be done through the courts. They serve the interests of children and parents and are an important way to care for children who have been affected by divorce and separation.