The potentially complex issue of child custody

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Of all the potential issues in a divorce case, the issue of child custody has the potential to cause strong emotional reactions like no other. This is, of course, understandable, since for almost all parents the most important thing in their lives is their children. In many divorce cases, the child custody issue has the potential to get complex in a hurry.

Navigating child custody

Part of why child custody can become a complex issue in a divorce case is that there are so many different factors involved when it is left to a family law judge to make a determination about this issue. Factors such as: How old are the children? What is the relationship between the children and each separate parent? Who has primarily cared for the children thus far? What will the living situation for each parent be after the divorce is concluded? And, if they are old enough, what do the children want?

There are, of course, many other potential factors at play in the issue of child custody. That is why many family law judges will encourage the soon-to-be divorced spouses to attempt to reach an agreement on this issue. Parents know their family situation best and, in some cases, they can focus on what is best for the children even as they are ending their marriage.

The right support

At our law firm, we understand that out-of-court agreements on the child custody issue aren’t always possible. We do our best to help our clients determine what is best for their unique cases. For more information, please visit the child custody overview section of our law firm’s website.