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Detroit Social Security Disability Attorney

Has your application for SSDI benefits been denied? You are not alone. Statistics show that more than 90 percent of all initial applications are denied.

If your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) has been denied, you need to speak with an experienced attorney. Our attorney at Rosenbaum Bloom Meyerson Galinsky P.C. can help with your application and with an appeal, if necessary. The consultation is free. We handle initial applications and appeals.

More Than 40 Years of Legal Experience

If your application for SSDI or SSI benefits has been denied, don’t delay speaking with our attorney. Social Security disability applications are complex and the process can be very time-consuming. Our attorney has decades of experience helping individuals with these applications. If you are denied, it may be due to missing documentation or inadequate medical records.

We can help by working to see that your application is complete and addresses all of the necessary supporting documents the Social Security Administration expects with a filing. Our firm aggressively pursues benefits, and we are extremely loyal to the people we represent.


We handle both SSDI and SSI cases. Social Security Disability Insurance is a form of government benefit that people are eligible to receive if they have suffered a physical or mental disability that severely limits their ability to work and have worked a sufficient number of hours within the last ten years.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a form of benefit available to people who have few assets and earn a minimal income. To be eligible for SSI benefits, you must not have more than $2,000 in assets. However, certain assets do not count toward the $2,000 asset cap. We can explain this matter further at your appointment.

Efficiency Is Our Objective

The biggest dilemma facing people who need SSDI benefits is the long waiting list for an administrative hearing. There is typically a multi-year waiting period from the time you request a hearing until the time the hearing is held. We know for many applicants, SSDI benefits may be a substantial portion of their income, and we know the delay can cause real hardship for our clients.

To expedite the process, we will perform a careful review of the case to determine if it is possible to obtain benefits without a hearing. If we believe that a client has a good chance of getting benefits without a hearing, we will submit an on-the-record request and lay out the facts to support getting benefits without a hearing.

Free Initial Consultation

Our main office is located in Oakland County in the city of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Call our attorney about SSDI or SSI benefits at 313-263-4496 for a free initial consultation or use our contact form online.