Property Division

In addition to the deep personal strain that divorce causes, a split can also lead to serious financial concerns. All marital property held between the two spouses is split equitably. This includes both assets and debt. You need an attorney who thoroughly understands how to advocate on your behalf for the best possible outcome to this division.

Property Division Representation Equipped to Deliver Results

At Rosenbaum Bloom Meyerson Galinsky P.C., we are experienced in property division, drawing on over 35 years of experience to create innovative solutions to divide the couple's property. Our firm is known throughout the Detroit and Wayne County area for its ability to divide even the most complex estates and deliver favorable outcomes to clients.

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In Michigan, assets and property are to be divided in a fair and equitable manner during divorce. Any assets or property that were acquired during the course of the marriage are included in this division. Anything that was acquired before the marriage or as a gift by one particular spouse is exempt from the division.

This division is largely up to the discretion of the judge. It is important that you have an attorney who understands strategies of dividing property to ensure that your interests are fully protected.

Our firm is equipped with the experience and understanding of property division needed to accurately characterize all property involved and provide a fair and equitable plan for dividing the assets and debt. If one spouse is trying to hide any assets, you can be assured that our thorough and diligent approach allows us to find that property and ensure that it is included in the division.