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Even when both parents acknowledge their obligation to meet their child’s financial needs, disputes over child support can cause serious problems. When you require assistance with this type of matter, Louis Galinsky at Rosenbaum, Bloom, Meyerson & Galinsky, P.C. is Farmington Hills child support lawyer who will outline the relevant legal issues and press for an appropriate resolution. Our firm handles initial child support determinations, along with paternity matters, modification requests and enforcement proceedings.

Understanding child support guidelines in Michigan

Michigan child support determinations usually resemble the figure that is reached through a formula created by the state. Information that goes into this calculation includes the following:

  • Income of each parent
  • How many nights a son or daughter spends in each parent’s home
  • How many children the parent is supporting 
  • Amount paid by a parent for their child’s health insurance premiums
  • Amount paid by a parent for their son or daughter’s childcare expenses

There are instances where the standard formula does not produce a fair outcome. This might occur if a child has extraordinary medical expenses or where a parent’s income does not accurately reflect their financial status. You might also choose to go beyond the basic monthly support rate by agreeing on contributions to college tuition or funding expensive sports training or music lessons. Whatever your particular concerns involve, our firm is committed to helping you accomplish your objectives in a child support negotiation.

Income considered for calculating child support

When calculating child support under the formula, courts look at many types of income besides wages in order to set an appropriate rate. Other forms of income that are considered in this calculation include the following:

  • Tips, royalties, lottery proceeds and gambling winnings
  • Income from annuities, trust funds, profit-sharing plans, pensions and retirement accounts
  • Dividends, interest and capital gains
  • Income from rental properties
  • Social Security and unemployment benefits

Income can also be imputed to a parent for a child support calculation if they are not collecting what they are capable of earning due to voluntarily unemployment or underemployment. 

Modification of child support orders

A job loss, medical crisis or shift in child custody arrangements could justify a modification of your child support order. Louis Galinsky is a Farmington Hills family law attorney who represents parents in Motions Regarding Support when an unforeseen change in circumstances means that the existing child support rate is no longer appropriate. We offer honest counsel as to the potential success of a modification request based on the state guidelines and also advocate for parents who believe that the existing child support order should remain in place.

How long do child support payments last in Michigan?

Generally, child support obligations last until the youth reaches 18 years of age. However, a child support order can remain in effect if a son or daughter is still in high school and living at home up until they are 19 and a half years old. There is no Michigan law that requires a parent who paid child support to contribute to their son or daughter’s higher education expenses, but you and your co-parent might wish to make an agreement regarding those costs.

Enforcement of child support orders in Michigan

Michigan’s Friend of the Court Bureau is the entity responsible for enforcing child support orders. Our firm advises clients and the various different means that exist in order to compel a nonpaying parent to comply with their legal obligation, such as:

  • Withholding of income or tax refund
  • Suspension of driver’s or professional license
  • Property lien or levy
  • Show cause order, backed up by a bench warrant if the party does not appear in court
  • Contempt charge

Child support problems rarely go away on their own, so you should seek legal counsel as soon as you stop receiving full, timely payments. We will go over your legal options and aggressively go after the money you are owed.

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