Modification of Family Law Orders

Farmington Hills, Michigan attorney works to revise divorce and custody terms

A divorce or child custody decision reflects the situation at the time the order is entered. However, there are countless ways in which subsequent events can compel one of the parties to seek a change. Rosenbaum, Bloom, Meyerson & Galinsky, P.C. assist with the modification of family law orders for clients throughout the Metro Detroit area. From our office in Farmington Hills, we work to adjust custody, child support and alimony orders through negotiation and petitions to the relevant court.

Factors in requesting child custody modifications

Young people’s needs and interests change quickly, and it is often appropriate to adjust child custody arrangements to reflect the current situation. In some cases, a child custody modification is motivated by something relatively simple, such as a change in school schedule or a time-consuming extracurricular activity. Other times, there might be a serious parent-child conflict or a concern about neglect, abuse or substance addiction that leads a parent to seek a modification. Whatever the requested revision entails, courts decide these matters based on what the judge believes to be in the child’s best interests. 

Modifying child support orders in Michigan

Parents are permitted to ask Michigan’s Friend of the Court for a review of child support terms every 36 months. However, there are several reasons why you might want to request a modification prior to that date, such as:

  • Substantial increase or decrease in a parent’s income
  • Changes in health insurance or child care costs
  • Additional unforeseen expenses associated with raising the child
  • Shift in custody arrangements

Whatever led you to petition for a change in your child support rate, we will give you an honest evaluation as to whether your proposed modification will be approved and can advocate for a justified change. Attorney Louis Galinsky also represents parents who oppose revising a child support order.

When and how to seek alimony modifications

Alimony is based on the paying party’s ability to provide support and the recipient’s need for it. If either of these factors changes, a modification could be warranted. Specific circumstances that prompt an adjustment could include the remarriage of the recipient or their cohabitation with a new romantic partner. The ex-spouse making payments might also request a downward revision if they lose a job or face another type of financial loss. Some spousal support orders only allow modifications in response to certain specific events while others prohibit revisions entirely, so it is important to consult with a qualified family lawyer before deciding how to proceed.

The process of modifying parenting time in Michigan

Mothers and fathers often need to be flexible in regard to their parenting time schedules. Different hours at work or a new relationship could make it difficult to abide by the existing framework. Sons and daughters have various responsibilities and interests that might also motivate parents to negotiate a modification. There are many ways to make adjustments that work for everyone involved. For example, if visitation at a noncustodial parent’s home becomes more difficult, the best solution might be fewer stays of longer duration, so the time spent together is roughly equivalent to what it was under the existing parenting time order.

Addressing relocation issues in family law modifications

A custodial parent who wants to move with their child out of state or more than 100 miles away within Michigan must obtain consent from their co-parent or approval from the court. If the relocation is contested, the judge will look at numerous factors, including the reason for the requested move, the effect the change would have on the child’s well-being and how much the distance will affect the noncustodial parent’s ability to spend time with their son or daughter. These matters are often highly contested, even if the parent looking to move has a compelling reason, such as a job opportunity or family medical crisis. Our firm offers strong advocacy to clients petitioning for a relocation as well as those opposing the move.

Contact a Metro Detroit attorney about modifying a Family Court order

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