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Michigan visitation lawyer drafts schedules benefiting both children and parents

After a divorce or the breakup of unmarried parents, mothers and fathers have a responsibility to help their children adjust successfully to their new living situation. This starts with the creation of a fair, reliable parenting plan that sets forth when the child will be in each parent’s home and how decisions regarding education, medical treatment and other important matters will be made. At Rosenbaum, Bloom, Meyerson & Galinsky, P.C. in Farmington Hills, Attorney attorney Louis Galinsky serves clients throughout the Detroit metro area by developing parenting plans that comply with Michigan law and provide clear guidance on critical concerns.

What is a parenting plan? 

A parenting plan is a comprehensive document that governs mothers and fathers who live apart. Terms of a parenting plan address legal authority, physical custody and visitation schedules, as well as guidelines for the resolution of any future disputes involving parent-child or parent-parent matters. Usually, the language in the document will be negotiated by parents and presented to the judge, who will use the plan as a basis for a court order. If differences regarding child custody, visitation or some other element of the plan cannot be resolved, the judge will decide how the plan will read based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the child.   

Creating effective parenting agreements

Honesty and flexibility are essential in the development of an effective parenting agreement. Whenever possible, the parties should put aside the conflicts that led to the end of their relationship and focus on what is best for their children. It is crucial to work with an experienced family law attorney who will safeguard your interests and create a clear, comprehensive parenting plan that satisfies the legal requirements and help everyone move forward in a positive manner.  

Factors to consider when making a parenting plan in Michigan

Devoting time and effort to the development of a sound parenting plan should help you avoid confusion and conflict later on. Attorney Louis Galinsky assists families by conducting a detailed review of the relevant circumstances and developing a parenting plan that accounts for factors such as:

  • Physical, emotional and social needs of the child
  • Educational opportunities and consistency
  • Age and health of the child
  • Distance between the parents’ homes and transportation between them
  • Parents’ work schedules
  • Preference of the child (if they are old enough to make a mature decision)
  • Any parental history of substance abuse or domestic violence
  • Birthdays, holidays and school vacations
  • Extracurricular activities

Though many parenting plans are based on standard scheduling formats, each one should reflect the particular situation at hand. In some families, certain holidays or celebrations take on special importance. Many youths have time-consuming commitments involving sports or music lessons. Our firm negotiates fair parenting time schedules that address all of these potential concerns.  

Modifying a parenting plan in Michigan

As time goes on, mothers, fathers and children might experience changes that justify the modification of a previously entered parenting plan. These adjustments can often be made through consent of the parties and submitted to the court for incorporation into the custody order. In the event that parents disagree on a proposed change, a judge will decide whether a modification is in the child’s best interests. Requests to relocate with a child are often highly contested. Under state law, a parent must have their co-parent’s consent or court approval to move out Michigan or more than 100 miles within the state. There might also be a conflict if a child wants to switch their primary residence or one parent seeks to modify the order based on concerns about their son or daughter’s safety in their former partner’s residence. Whether you intend to revise your parenting plan or prefer to maintain the status quo, Louis Galinsky’s experience as a Farmington Hills family law attorney can handle the necessary legal proceedings. 

Grandparents seeking visitation rights

Parenting plans typically just cover the rights and responsibilities of mothers and fathers. However, when parents have divorced or separated, grandparents have the ability to petition for visitation rights. Should a grandparent meet one of the qualifications set forth by statute, they must then convince a judge that ordering visitation is in the child’s best interests. These cases sometimes arise when someone is not able to see their grandchild because their son or daughter is absent or does not have custody rights. 

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