How spousal support is awarded in Michigan

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Spousal support, also called alimony, can be determined by the parties to a divorce through an agreement that they develop with the help of their divorce attorneys. If both parties to a divorce can agree on how they want spousal support to be paid, a reasonable amount, and a duration, they can establish their own parameters for this divorce-related matter. Not all divorcing couples can achieve this, however, and many turn to the courts for help sorting it out.

When a court must work out spousal support pursuant to a divorce it will look at many factors related to the parties and their marriage. This post is not legal advice and should be read as information only. Individuals can take what they learn from this article and bring their questions to their trusted divorce and family law attorneys.

Spousal support factors in Michigan

The following factors may be taken under consideration when a party in a Michigan divorce requests spousal support. Readers should understand that not all factors will apply in all divorces and individual cases will resolve on the circumstances of their own merit. Relevant spousal support factors may include:

  • How long the parties were married
  • If the parties have jobs or if they can both work
  • The ages and health of the parties
  • The needs of the parties and their marital standard of living
  • If either party can pay support
  • Others that they parties must support after their marriage ends

Individuals can fight for spousal support if they will be financially disadvantaged without it and their attorneys can support and advocate for their needs.

Spousal support as a part of a divorce

As readers know, spousal support is only one aspect of the divorce process for Michigan residents. Other aspects, like child support and custody, property division, and others, can complicate the proceedings that end legal marriages. Divorce can be hard, and most people do not want to approach it on their own. Supportive and knowledgeable family law attorneys are available to guide their divorce clients through their unique legal proceedings.