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Summer break and child custody issues

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Child Custody |

With summer break quickly approaching here in Michigan, many parents are getting ready for another busy season of chauffeuring their children to various camps, sports, playdates, etc. along with vacations and visiting relatives. For parents who are no longer together, mastering the summer schedule can be difficult. There are some tips to reduce conflict during this busy time.

Plan vacation schedules in advance

The summer is the time when many people go on vacation. Planning the vacation schedule well in advance with the other parent can help avoid many potential conflicts. Communicating these plans with complete details with the other parent is also extremely important.

Custody plan should include summer scheduling and conflict resolution plans

In the custody plan, summer break should address issues including:

  • How will summer time division occur?
  • How will vacations be scheduled?
  • Can either parent take the children out of state or the country without the other parent’s permission?
  • How will holidays, birthdays and other special events be handled?
  • What happens if there are spontaneous or unforeseen events that pop up?
  • How will it be addressed ff a child’s activity conflicts with an existing schedule?

When conflict arises

Despite the best of plans and communication, conflict can still arise between parents. A parent may want to consult with a family law attorney if conflict arises to help understand what their options may be. Mediation can be a good way to get past the conflict and arrange a schedule that works for everyone. Parents should always keep in mind that summer plans should be in the best interest for the children, especially young children.